The Malabar Journal, India's only theme-based bilingual web portal, is committed to a new media culture focusing on well-researched texts, visual narratives, and podcasts. The TMJ, based in Kerala, strives to create a digital media ecosystem that engages with the dreams, hopes, contradictions, and agonies of Malayalees in Kerala and outside the state. A team of well-experienced professionals runs the show at the TMJ. Having immense faith in the capacity of a discernible audience for quality information and knowledge, we promise not to add on to the already unbearable clutter in the media landscape. We have no hesitation in rejecting the condescending narratives peddled as radical imaginaries in the realm of culture, politics, resistance, innovations, and disappointments that adorns the contemporary media landscape in Kerala and elsewhere. We also have no hesitation in stating that TMJ stands for a focus shift in the key determinants that shape the content selection and dissemination of the existing media platforms.


  • To establish a multi-media network committed to disseminating quality information and knowledge that would help the creation and sustenance of an equitable social order.
  • To establish a dynamic medium for interaction and dialogue highlighting specific issues and their intersectional characteristics with regional, national and global ramifications
  • To strive for a people-centric media literacy focusing on how the dominant media narratives often conceal more than what they reveal.
  • Strive to become an interactive platform for sharing ideas between media persons, social and political activists, professionals, and ordinary people committed to the values of an equitable social order


We have no hesitation to say that TMJ is partisan. Partisan to the vision that our 'history belongs to the future. We invite and cajole everyone to join us on this adventure and be part of a new and evolving media experience.


CEO & Executive Editor – Saneesh Elayidath Editor In Chief - KP
Sethunath Creative Director – Prasoon Kiran Sub Editors – Dr Dilna
Sridhar,Thomas Komarikal, Mikhil P Consulting Editors – Sreerag Bhaskaran,
Roopasree Ramesh Journalist - Gopika E G, Anit Joseph Designs – Arun
Mandru Visual Team –Jyothir Kumar, Ujwal PP, Nithin D, Justine G Purayidam
Audio – Shabin MP
Artist - Savinay M Sivadas